Garhwasi Project Tola Ward

Project Duration

10 Months

Estimated Start Date


Estimated End Date


Overview or Purpose

As part of the comprehensive initiative for the Re-Development of Old Kashi, the Varanasi authorities have proposed construction works aimed at enhancing tourism in Garhwasi Tola. The project focuses on the beautification of streets, installation of sewer lines, and provision of drinking water facilities to elevate the area's appeal and infrastructure. The beautification efforts entail meticulous planning and execution to transform the streetscapes of Garhwasi Tola, incorporating elements of traditional aesthetics and modern urban design. This includes landscaping, street furniture installation, and the integration of thematic elements that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Varanasi. Simultaneously, the installation of sewer lines addresses critical sanitation needs, ensuring proper waste management and environmental hygiene in the area. Additionally, the provision of drinking water facilities not only caters to the needs of local residents but also enhances the overall visitor experience, promoting tourism in the region. The proposed construction works represent a significant investment in the revitalization of Garhwasi Tola, with an allocated budget of Rs. 3.58 crore. This financial commitment underscores the authorities' dedication to fostering sustainable urban development and promoting tourism in Varanasi's historic quarters. Through these efforts, Garhwasi Tola is poised to emerge as a vibrant cultural destination, attracting visitors while enhancing the quality of life for its residents.