About VDA

About VDA

Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) was established on August 19, 1974, with a jurisdiction spanning approximately 793 square kilometers. This extensive area encompasses the Varanasi Municipal Area, Mughalsarai Railway Notified Area and Municipality, and 601 villages. The revered Ganga River neatly bisects the VDA's territory into two distinct sections:

  • Part-A: Positioned on the north-western side along the left bank of the Ganga, Part-A includes the Varanasi Municipal Corporation, the esteemed Kashi Hindu University, Manduadih Railway Settlement, the Cantonment area, and 460 villages within the Tehsil of Varanasi.
  • Part-B: Located on the right and south-eastern banks of the Ganga, Part-B features the Ramnagar Municipality, Mughalsarai Municipality, the Mughalsarai Notified Area, as well as areas within District Chandauli, Tehsil Chunar, District Mirzapur, Tehsil Varanasi, and 141 villages in the District of Varanasi.

This division allows for a structured approach to development and governance across a diverse and historically rich region.

The bifurcation by the Ganga not only delineates administrative boundaries but also reflects a diverse cultural and economic landscape that the Varanasi Development Authority seeks to harmonise through its planning and development initiatives. The VDA’s role is crucial in fostering sustainable development, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting modernisation within its jurisdiction across urban and rural areas. This structured approach helps address local needs while steering the region towards comprehensive growth and development.

Our Vision:
The Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) envisions a future where Varanasi’s rich cultural heritage and spiritual essence coexist with strategic urban development, driving economic vitality for a prosperous and sustainable future. This vision encompasses several key strategies:

  • Cultural and Economic Integration: VDA aims to blend Varanasi’s cultural landmarks and spiritual sites with modern urban planning, enhancing tourism and commerce while respecting the city’s historic character.
  • Preservation and Modernization: Efforts are focused on maintaining Varanasi’s ancient traditions and spiritual identity while also promoting it as a vibrant economic hub with modern infrastructure and urban amenities.
  • Strategic Land Use: VDA plans to strategically allocate land for residential, commercial, recreational, and cultural purposes, ensuring a balanced development that benefits the entire community.
  • Sustainability for Future Generations: The approach is designed to be sustainable, ensuring that Varanasi’s development today does not compromise its future but secures prosperity and quality of life for future generations.

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