Offline Compounding Map

List of documents required for the Offline Compounding Map at the Varanasi Development Authority

1. Map Form – The map form is available at the help desk.

2. Affidavit – Please download the attached sample soft copy – Click Here.

3. Copies of the registry – 2 copies of the registry are required..

4. Copies of the Khasra – 2 copies of the Khasra are required.

5. Copies of the Khatauni – 2 copies of the Khatauni are required.

6. Photo of the House - A photo of the partially/fully constructed house is required.

7. Copies of the map – 5 copies of the map are required.

8. Architect’s Certificate – The architect's registration certificate is required.

9. Construction Cost – Provide the estimated cost of construction.