Pro-Poor Tourism Dev Project - Under UP Tourism

Project Duration

31 Months

Estimated Start Date


Estimated End Date


Overview or Purpose

Under the Uttar Pradesh Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project, a comprehensive initiative is being rolled out at Sarnath to enhance the tourist experience and improve the livelihood of poor vendors significantly. This initiative encompasses a variety of developments on Dharmapal Marg, including the construction of pedestrian promenades and street lighting, vehicular development on Rishipattan and Ashok Marg, sewer line and drainage system improvements, underground cabling of electrical overhead wires, and the development of a visitor centre and tourist information centre. Additional efforts include parking development, signage and interpretation walls, vending zones with designer vending carts, solid waste management, beautification of intersections and roundabouts, last mile connectivity (linking 29 monuments and their restoration work), installation of CCTV, Wi-Fi, and LED screens, provision of golf carts for the convenience of differently-abled and elderly tourists, modern public amenities, and drinking water facilities, along with ensuring clean food for tourists through customized mobile vehicles. Furthermore, this project strongly emphasises empowering poor vendors by providing them with opportunities to earn a better livelihood. These vendors are being actively trained in various aspects of business operations and customer service to provide an exceptional shopping experience to tourists. This training is supported by the World Bank and facilitated by the NGO Basix, ensuring that vendors are well-equipped to meet the tourism industry’s needs while enhancing their economic well-being. Through these concerted efforts, the project aims to create a symbiotic relationship between the thriving tourism sector and the local vendor community, fostering a more inclusive and prosperous environment for all stakeholders involved.

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