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Public Information Related To Land Acquisition

Public demands the information about any land - whether it is acquired or not. Also it is expected from VDA to get an NOC issued about a land which is not acquired/ under acquisition. Varanasi Development Authority does not directly issues the NOC in such cases. The NOC is issued by the ADM (LA). As per rules, the objections/ no objections are marked on the Building map after inspection.

The compensation to the villagers are not directly distributed from VDA. VDA make available the funds to the ADM(LA) and the 80% of the compensation done under section 6/17 by the Land Acquisition Officer/ ADM (LA)and the balance amount is disbursed by ADM(LA) after award declaration.

Under section 11(2) of Land Acquisition Act, the compensation is being processed on mutual agreement. The agreement letters regarding the compensation disbursement, produced by the land owners are signed by VDA after proper scrutiny. The compensation is paid after declaration of award fro ADM(LA).

The decision on the cases filed by the land owners is done at competent courts. After the legal scrutiny of these orders, VDA deposits the compensation in the court or Land Acquisition Department for disbursement. No compensation is directly paid to the land owners.

Public also demand the land demarcation in non-acquisition cases. In this regard, the demarcation is done with the help of officers/staff of Revenue Department after inspection of Land revenue records.

Functions Of Land Acquisition

Formulate various land acquisition proposals for planned development.

Send Land Acquisition Proposal to Government/ DM for issuing notification under section 4 & 6 of LA Act

Takeover the possession of notified land from ADM(LA)/ DM

Keep the record of acquired land, possession taken over and money transferred to ADM(LA) for disbursement of compensation

Get award of the notified Land declared by competent authority.

Get adjustment details in prescribed form for amount transferred to ADM(LA) for disbursement of compensation.

Get the mutation done in favour of VDA for the acquired land.

Keep the record and pursue cases filed in Supreme Court, High Court, Civil Court and Tribunal Courts against the notifications, awards and other related issues

Provide status information about the various land to planning, engineering and building section.